Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feature: Ernest Williamson III Day 5

A Seeping Sense of Communion

I've layered the lush lavender soap for you
and the wine is cold and resting
like our inventions
aside our water-bed
your smile now
is my delight
as I marvel at your listless look in gray silk cloth
but I cry because of what I have not
my body is a corpus until a sloth
my wrinkles dance with serendipity
and my heart fades into death
every other anxious thought
voices seep into my marrow
molesting it
trying to rip my honesty
to ash and silence
all that aside
I want you to take this glass
and this wine
and this bread
do these things
as they were done
so long ago

© Ernest Williamson III

**** **** **** ****


Q: When did you first have an interest in poetry?

A: Poetry has been an interest of mine since age 10.

Q: What is your writing process?

A: I write poetry when I’m urged to do so. I tend to listen to Gregorian Chant when I write poetry.

**** **** **** ****

The Professor © Ernest Williamson III

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