Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Feature: Christina Brooks Day 3

Call the wild song… a woman’s power poem

Soft moss and loam
Gives way softly underfoot
Pale sky that drips with moonlight
As you make your way
In the forest a Maiden, ever virgin
Stripped of your virtue
Stripped of your power
A handless wanderer
Invisible to the world
Hidden in a labyrinth of false power
Touch the earth to find the memories
Entwined within
Unpeel your heart
Make whole what is broken
Let clear water flow
Through the vast abyss of self, cleanse away
The mud that fills your
Speechless mouth
Blind and dumb
To your true power
Raise the voice to speak the word
Nurture the fire within
Draw round the circle of support
Pass the cord, draw the sword
Cast back the cloak
Climb the stairs and find the light
Grasp the fallen branch
Make it bloom
Woman’s wisdom sings
Nature is regenerated
Light the fire!

2009© by c.m. brooks/ runewarrior


Interview Question #2

Christina has been having issues with facebook for quite some time. They have disabled two of her profiles without cause. This brings me to my next question for her.

Now that facebook has disabled two of your profiles, has this affected your writing and where are other places your friends and fans can find you on the net?


Well…. Yes, it has affected my writing temporarily because right now I'm spending the time, I would be using to write, to re-establish my connections on facebook. I lost all of my writing network of 1500+ people, my blog network, correspondence, photos, notes, everything. Some of it is elsewhere but a good deal can't be replaced.

My main Christina Brooks profile has been deleted and so has my Rune Tao Press page. People can find me still on facebook currently, under c. Mary Brooks. The url for the page is different since it was meant to be a private profile for friends-only, not networking. But I can be found either way: c.Mary Brooks or http://www.facebook.com/cmary.brightman

I currently post most of my poetry and writing on MySpace under the name Rune Warrior and can also be found on Twitter, Outsider Writers, W.A.R.M., and Cleveland Poetics as a contributor. But I’ve not debuted anything on Cleveland Poetics just yet. Some of my poetry appears on 10K Poets on MySpace.


  1. Yes, the feminine principle has been missing from the world spirit for so long. May she begin to find her way back through poems like this...and re-enchant an Earth weary of Thanatos's reign.

    I hope Christina is soon able to recover her missing work and memories from Facebook, and I hope the gremlins will back off for good. ~ Tim

  2. I hope she can too, Tim. This poem always reminds me of Sarah McLachlan's song "Into the Fire". There is a mystical goddess quality to it that I really like. :-)

  3. Just some thoughts to share on this particular poem as the author. Mostly because I often love to know what inspires certain pieces by certain authors myself. And thought others might be interested in knowing what inspired this piece.

    I have a lifelong friend who now lives in Belgium. Who I share a lot in common with and whom I can talk with about anything. And the “anything” we foten discuss is usually about life, love and spirituality and its expression in our deepest selves. To me sharing your deepest hopes and fears with someone is an intimacy beyond compare. iI builds a rapport with a person that is very deep and life changing. Very much like what Rumi and Shams shared in their lifetime. A deep lifelong friendship that is soul changing.

    In one of our more recent discussions we talked about women and love and being whole. How in our culture, for so long women, when they fall in love, often give our power away to those we love. Instead of it “empowering “ us it depletes us. She brought up the beautiful and not well know story written by the brothers Grimm of the “the Handless Virgin” or the Silver Hands”. A beautiful story about love and lose and redemption. I believe its roots lie in an old pagan story but I’ve not been able to as yet find references to it. I am still looking. Suffice it to say it is a myth with a female heroine who overcomes a great deal for love. It’s a very beautiful story and it is that discussion and that story that inspired this poem.
    I hope my sharing that will encourage others to explore and read some of these older stories and myths that have modern relevance.