Monday, July 6, 2009

Feature: Christina Brooks Day 2

Moonlit Hope

Reflections I see
Shimmerings of light and dark
Life's hidden movements
Undulating images
Of love and pain
Of hope and shame
Of promise and passion
Traces of life's mysteries
Dappled moonlit shadows
Moving over smooth water
How do you know if they are real
or merely an illusion?

They are phantoms
Tricks of the eye that life creates
Dreams of something real
Yet still unformed
Except within

Because they are only images
Visions of unrealized hope
Until life takes them, shapes them
Like fragile gossamer threads
Webs that lightly glisten
Forming them together
Then wrapping our hearts
Binding them softly to fate
Where they will be gently
Shaped and molded
And finally acted out
In the full light of day

©2008 by c.m. brooks


Short Interview Question:

How has poetry changed your life?


Poetry/ writing have changed my life in a number of ways.

It’s afforded me an avenue to express myself in away that I didn’t before. It’s widened my view of the world because it forces me to look at things and people in new and different ways. It’s brought new people and friends into my life I would not have known or met otherwise. But I think most of all it allows me to know myself more deeply. My own thoughts and feelings are often so deep and puzzling that exploring them through writing opens a window on myself I did not have before. It’s not been an easy thing at all but its been very rewarding.

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