Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Feature: Christina Brooks Day 4



the day wraps itself
in gentle folds of softening colors
a swiftly changing palette
nearly missed, but for the hint
of sky that peeks itself thru
the corner of the western window.


darkness falls, sweeping the
landscape in lengthening shadows
like dark giants walking slowly
laying whispering blankets in
gentle folds of graying light
that will soon deepen to midnight.


quiet beckons as the last light falls
weakened rays festoon the sky
aglow with darkened embers
washed in violet as the waning sun
is slowly swallowed by the jagged
teeth of the darkening western pines.


colors swiftly fade as
the swallows wend their way home
darting to catch insects on the wing
the earth settles in for its
long nights sleep laid
in quiet blankets of brightened moonlight.


how is it that dusk entices
both the lowly mosquito
as well as the magical firefly?
such tiny beacons of frivolity
joyfully dancing their lightening waltz
backlit by the light of the Milky Way.

©2008 by c.m.brooks


  1. i skipped her third because i commented on her facebook notes who likes the marked stanzas in this one