Monday, November 2, 2009

Feature: S. Thomas Summers Day 2

photo © S Thomas Summers

Second Coming

Rain moves across the yard with the patience
of shade. Near the shed, grass blades resign
themselves to the coming shadow, tucking their
heads into a cool dark that fogs the air above
root and earth. If I place my ear to the ground,
listen to their whispers, neighbors would stare,
command children to drop favorite toys and hide
in the still air of bedroom closets – but each blade
beneath me stiffens, reaching for the warmth
of my thoughts: soon the trumpets of Zion will sound,
clouds will swirl, curling in the wake of angels.

© S Thomas Summers

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What makes you passionate about teaching?

It makes me feel like a kid again. Diving into a poem, a story – it’s like diving into adventure. As a teacher, I get to take a classroom full of students on that adventure. It’s a tremendous rush. Believe it or not, most of my students want to share that adventure with me – even a bigger rush.

What is the one thing you want your students to walk away with, if they learn nothing else from you?

I hope that every now and then each one of my students will get an urge to open a book. Then, and this is vanity speaking, I hope they all wonder what Summers would have said about it.

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