Sunday, November 1, 2009

Feature: S. Thomas Summers Day 1

Please welcome this week's feature, S. Thomas Summers. We think you will like his offerings this week. If you get the chance, you will want to check out his blog (listed in his bio below) as well.

Welcome to *Mnemosyne*, S. Thomas Summers!

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S. Thomas Summers

- Teacher of English: Wayne Hills High School -
- Adjunct Professor: Passaic County Community College
- Author of Death Settled Well and Rather, It Should Shine
- English/Literature Education Workshop Leader

Web Address:

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Eden’s Fangs

I’ve been meaning to build a nest
in your hair, map your body’s contours.
The bedroom floor needs a blanket
of soft earth. How else will we cool
the skin between our toes? Let’s
wet the sheets with sweat, spread
our seeds. Gardens grow. Vines twist
about bedposts. Flowers spread their
silks – pestles as alluring as Eden’s fangs.
Lay with me, until the sun tears,
with a sigh declares us banished.

© S Thomas Summers


  1. Thanks. Reading it now, I'd make one, small change. Alas. All the best.

    S. Thomas Summers