Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feature: Ernest Williamson III Day 1

We would like to welcome this week's artist/poet, Ernest Williamson III. He offers us a mixture of his own paintings and poetry this week. We think you will enjoy his offerings.

Welcome, Ernest! It is an honor to feature you this week. :-)

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Voices From The Quickening Quicksand

spin from the wayward watchmen
the tyrants of yesteryear
who bludgeon Black men with
large schemes
delaying dreams
in the seams of America's promise
unknown though frequently digested
like wasteful air
good and bad
so why thrive or
pretend to leap above the dull minds of the East and West
united in print
yet torn and bleeding
in minds unaffected
as the black skins
encasing them
wither with the seasons
until the harvest
of a growing lily
mature and healthy
for the world
from a world
there and here
though lasting
awhile too short
in a hymnal
of shame

© Ernest Williamson

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Ernest Williamson III is a 32 year old polymath who has published poetry and visual art in over 200 online and print journals. He is a self-taught pianist, painter and PhD Candidate at Seton Hall University. Buy his latest book "Sword" at this link
and visit his gallery at

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The Wonderment of Creative Power © Ernest Williamson III

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