Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feature: Heather Ann Schmidt Day 1

We would like to welcome the multi-talented Heather Ann Schmidt to the *Mnemosyne* family this week. I was lucky enough to meet Heather in person recently at the Autumn Moon Festival event that Christina Brooks emceed a week or so ago. Heather has an extraordinary voice for reading and singing. Her poetry and art are gorgeous. We know you will enjoy her offerings this week.

This week's interview questions are provided by our good friend and supporter, Dianne Borsenik. Dianne is a past feature of ours and the co-emcee of Lix and Kix where Heather will be one of the feature readers in December.

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self portrait © Heather Ann Schmidt


Heather Ann Schmidt is an adjunct professor at Oakland Community College. She edits tinfoildresses poetry journal and is the publisher for recycled karma press . Her poems can be found in various online and print journals. Her chapbook, Channeling Isadora Duncan, was recently released from Gold Wake Press. She also has a full collection of poems forthcoming from Village Green Press and a chapbook: The Bat's Lovesong: American Haiku, coming out in November 2009 from Crisis Chronicles Press.. She received her MFA from National University. To find out more visit

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Paper Dragons

You are cherry blossoms
spilled all around me
in the middle of winter

and when you move in me
I become the paper dragon
during Chinese New Year--

red and fire and gold thread
brocading my spirit,
dressing me in silk.

My cries of joy
reach up to the constellations
and come back down
showering firecrackers all over these streets...

yes when you move in me,
I become the part of the universe

before questions were born,
before sadness came to visit.

© Heather Ann Schmidt


  1. Cool.. I love this poem... Looking for ward to your week here on Mnemosyne..

    Chris Brooks

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful. I love the flow and can't wait to read more!

  3. This is a wondrous poem, the kind you drink in as you go. And then savor in the after reading. The kind that seduces you into re-readings.

    The way the exotic-to-me elements are folded into this piece is so satisfying and floods the imagination with so many images, some direct, some subtly conjured.

    It is almost impossible to isolate a favorite line or two from this completely alluring poem. But these are striking and astonishing:

    red and fire and gold thread
    brocading my spirit,
    dressing me in silk.

  4. red, fire, gold, brocade -- fine imageries. I like this a lot Heather!