Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feature: Lisa Vicious Day 5


I don't want to be myself
I can't stand who I see,
where is the Vicious one?
I tried to love myself
but flaws bite me like fleas,
I itch,
I gnaw,
I tried to forget
and the dead memories
come like a flood,
the ink is The Blood,
my cup runneth over
while I'm being eaten alive,
by the muses,
the pain,
the memories,
the jealousies,
the empty tombs of poems
risen again -
I am both my own Judas
and poster child for Catholic dogma.

© Lisa Vicious

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Interview Question:

Who are your favorite writers/poets?


I suppose this could include influences. I don’t have many favourite poets who are, for the sake of discussion, actual poets; most are musicians. I am in love with Patti Smith and Bukowski, Otep Shamaya, and Corey Taylor. Charles Baudelaire is a favourite too.

Vicious Inspiration © Jen Pezzo


  1. I like the honest reflections in these poems. Even though they seem dark they are also hopeful.

    Thanks Lisa..

  2. Thank you. Without darkness there can be no light and that's where I aspire to be.


  3. who loves a poet who places self in the poem