Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feature: Lisa Vicious Day 3

Man Made Material

She wants a man
a man, big, strong, and who'll love her,
someone she could embroider her sins on,
to prove she's marrying material,
"get a load of me, I hate myself but I'll be your Queen",
and there ain't no man like the man who will rape you for that

She's sick of being lonely
alone in her skin,
there is a void only the whY chromosomes can fill,
afraid she'll never be anything without a diamond ring,
where do these women come from?
Don't they know?
There ain't no man like the man who'll rape you for that

Think you'll be happy once it's fulfilled?
Life will be perfect once you feel accepted,
what do you have to lose,
except yourself,
your pride,
respect and rage,
for the love of a man -
the air you breathe is cage,
wake up Woman figure it out!
True love will evade you if you lose yourself.

Poetry and Digital Art © Lisa Vicious

**** **** **** ****

Interview Question:

Do you practice your poetry before a reading?


Absolutely not! I read through several pages and decide what I am going to read, but my readings are such a circus that I really get off on throwing myself in the ring and seeing if I get eaten alive! A comedian friend of mine once said that I was more intuitively funny that he was, and he’s a professional comedian (LoL). My performances are funny at times, it’s like laughing through tears and I think that might benefit people better than just hearing some old morbid humdrum and then walking away without a smile.

During one of my pieces called “Ugly,” I describe in detail how I was molested as a child by my paternal Grandfather. Sometimes I’ll just go off track and throw a really cheesy and childish insult in there [towards him] or just start laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. It throws people off, but I bring them right back. Instead of letting the audience feel sorry for me, I make them realize; yes it is a huge part of my psyche, but I’ve done my time, I am able to look back at the situation as just something that happened and I’m not letting it control me.

I change lines around to fit the audience and my poems are never really done. They grow and some become part of another piece or they become laughter and entertainment on another level. Not to mention the fact that most of my shows are done in bars opening for bands and that usually involves some drinking - so practice goes out the window!


  1. I don't always comment, but I want you to know these are fantastic. I love coming to this site and I'm very much looking forward to Lisa's reading in Cleveland this month!

  2. I'm loving the postings Lisa's offered to Mnemosyne. I've not had the pleasure of hearing her read as Jen has but really liking the strength that comes across in her writing.

    Thanks Lisa for being a part of out Mnemosyne family.

  3. should have said 'our".. not "out".. trippy fingers today.. sorry.

  4. most people ruin life trying to live the sterotypical lives ???? we aer made to love
    each other
    just try to love one another

  5. Thanks for the comments John, Chris and Charlax. We are looking forward to Lisa's reading at Lix and Kix as well! :-) For more info tune in on Day 6!

  6. So clever! The "poem within a poem"... and so well done! Love this poem, Lisa, love it! And Jen, thank you so much for posting her work-- it's really a pleasure to read it. I like the interview portion each day, too. I'm addicted to Mnemosyne!