Monday, August 3, 2009

Feature: Lisa Vicious Day 2


"I know it's not the first time you've been a splinter in someone's finger, thorn in their side,
you've broken promises and made terrible choices in love, hate, life, and spirit,
I've come to realize tho',
you were growing, learning about living,
and you stumbled all the way through,
like Alice in a spiral.

Unfortunately there are no take backs, you can't start over, but you can mend,
keep on keepin' on and learn to forgive yourself,
take the consideration of others with grains of salt,
own your mistakes..."

this is what I say to myself everyday to get through.

© Lisa Vicious from The Devil in Ms. Vicious 2008

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Mantra © Lisa Vicious

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Interview Question:

How do you think your poetry impacts the lives of others?


Fortunately, I am able to see the impact of my work while I’m still alive! I say this with the most humbleness that is in me, I have saved lives. One woman wrote me this note in 2008 and after I read it, I knew that it wasn’t about me anymore:

"I had such a horrible night last night- I planned my suicide, wrote letters to loved ones, etc. I am obviously still here- I am a rapid cycler so right now I feel just regularly depressed. I wanted you to know I thought about you and the video you sent about suicide prevention... the only thing that keeps me from going through with it is always thinking about how it will hurt those I leave behind. We hardly know each other but you had a serious impact on my life because of your poems and honesty and video. I wanted you to know."

[Name withheld from public]

The video she refers to is for which educated people, children especially, about suicide prevention. It is just one of the groups I am involved in and allow my work to be used for.

On the flipside I have had my share of haters! I impact and move people on many levels that range from anger to gratitude. Regardless of any of that, I invoke a powerful punch in people!


  1. I love the self-talk here. It's not exactly what I do to myself - I have a daily journal, but sounds like you eventually come to a resolution.


  2. There's never a resolution, the painting keeps getting bigger and better as the years go on.

  3. who would kill himself
    if not for his Religion
    who says Jesus
    who lives homeless
    but who does not forgive himself
    who just tries to keep existing

  4. it is sometimes hard believing that others can share the same sentiments one goes through on a daily basis. sometimes we suffer privately, certain no one understands, then reads something like your poems, or a journal entry. it isn't so much that misery loves company, as much as misery receives comfort to know she isn't as lonely as she felt. others can make it through private hell, so can i. thank you for this.