Sunday, August 16, 2009

Feature: Jim Benz Day 1

It is our pleasure to present to you this week's feature poet, Jim Benz. After following his work on various poetry social networks since 2005, I have become a die hard fan of Jim's writing. I hope that you too will become a fan of his work, if you aren't already.

We are breaking the format up a little bit for Jim's feature. Please remember to tune in on Day 6 for his interview questions as well as a brief bio. You will be interested in his thoughts on poetry and writing after reading his offerings this week!

Welcome to *Mnemosyne*, Jim!

--- Jen

**** **** **** ****


August drinks
her heat from my eyes:
we are in love.

Out of the sunrise, we pluck
a moment and spread it
on our naked skin. Before it evaporates,
the phone rings:
it's Monday morning.

I'm unemployed
so I don't check the caller id
and just let it ring.
Nothing distracts me from my lover.

Her eyes are large
and black when she looks
upon my pleasure, moist breath
cradling my skin in a sensuous smile.
I am aroused. She holds me
against her warm summer flesh
and we embrace

urgently, like time
and decay, we share
all unspoken fetishes.

That afternoon, I'm on the street,
locking my bicycle to a steel sign post.
Passers by can smell her love on my skin.
Their faces wrinkle up, disgusted.

© Jim Benz

**** **** **** ****

Summer Bike by Jen Pezzo & Jill Simms


  1. I really liked this... a new spin on unemployment. LOl..

    But really well done.. Thanks. I'm looking forward to your offerings here. Jen has spoken highly of your work..

  2. thanks Chris. I was really honored to be invited.

  3. i like this a lot i remember leaving the bath only to get outside and smell the soap or poo i used too much LOZLX <3 very nice poetry