Saturday, July 18, 2009

Special Announcement

I would like to announce an addition to the editorial staff at *Mnemosyne*.

Christina Brooks is our first featured poet and now she is also Co-Editor. From the very beginning she has been a great help to me with proofreading and promoting the site.

Thank you for all your help making the site a success, Chris! I look forward to working with you. We make a great team!

Christina Brooks and Jen Pezzo @ Saturday Night with The Poet's Haven


  1. I very happy to support you in your work on Mnemosyne. And will do what I can to contribute to its ongoing success.

    I think people will be excited to read, enjoy, and get to know your growing line up of featured poets.

    Congrats on a successful launch.. and starting off with a bang by featuring Dianne. Just wait till this next feature.. Stephan Anstey... you will love him to.
    ~~Chris B..

  2. Great work so far - and I'm looking forward to the future features as well!

  3. Thanks JC! Me too. Hope you will be one of them. :)