Sunday, July 19, 2009

Feature: Stephan Anstey Day 1

It is my pleasure to present to you one of my very favorite poets, Stephan Anstey. I first met Stephan online in 2005. We were both, and are now again participating in an online poetry community called I have enjoyed following the evolution of his writing over the last handful of years. He is fun and imaginative. I admire him, his poetry and digital art immensely and know you will too. He is awesome and this will be another fun filled week of poetry and art!

- Jen

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Stephan Anstey is the founder of and Shakespeare's Monkey Revue, both venues primarily for poetry and poets. As an artist, he is focused on spiritual exploration and the celebration of the individual in mankind's endless war against an increasingly invasive society. Anstey's art is primarily a combination of poetry and digital collage, some of which will be on display at the Arts League of Lowell Gallery (Massachusetts) in October. He lives an idyllic life in the beautiful and historic mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts with his beautiful and beloved bride Ellen and their talented and wonderful children, Emily and Cameron.

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passing notes

it is like
there are a million wishes
within us, and
we are folded
so carefully

i wonder sometimes
if we touched
would we ignite
and burn away
like a paper crane

i imagine
the gray smoke
and scent
of want

it is like
there is a maker
without us, and
he knows the creases
we hide
so carefully

I wonder sometimes
if we touched
would i be
a blue pen
writing a poem
on your skin

i imagine
the smudged words
and sound
of your voice
reading me

digital art & poetry © Stephan Anstey


  1. Really excite to have both artwork and poetry from Stephan this week. And love this first featured poem very much. I'm so glad Jen choose it to start off your feature week.

    Looking forward to getting to know you Stephan... Jen speaks of you and your poetry very highly.

    I think our readers will agree. :-)

  2. The honor and privlege are all mine. Thank you.

  3. Exquisite poem-- I love the last two stanzas! What a beautifully evoked image.

  4. This is a marvelous poem. And being my crazy self, sometimes a work evokes weird tangents. Reading this, it sparked a memory of something I read last night in Bob Dylan's book *Chronicles*. He was talking about identity, and his thoughts strayed to a Rimbaud letter, containing: "I is someone else."

    Not sure if there's a connection or not. Sometimes consciousness can be a delightful, tangential maze, though. :)

  5. congrats on being featured.... its a pleasure to read your work and see your art! this poem is lovely as is your art.

  6. this is not a dull line after line but a twisting good time the thing turns nicely