Friday, January 15, 2010

Feature: Marc Mannheimer Day 6

feel it

total acceptance
of the moment
and everything in it,
feel it,
know it,
glow it alive,
inside out with your heart,
blow the flame
into the glass,
make it drip sweat
and sear with end of steel rod,
seeing red, sparks golden,
metal molten,

and blame no outside agency
no person
or institution
or idea
or convention for what you find here;
blame nothing,
just be with it,
blazing light into your secret, sodden places

© Marc Mannheimer

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Q: How has poetry changed your life?

A: In a sense, it’s lined up all of my inner processes, or it has at times. It’s put the emotional and intellectual and sexual and spiritual all in synch.

Q: What is your view on self publishing?

A: I think I’m kind of biased on this question, because the only books I’ve done have been self-published. Well, the two books were self-created, and then printed by a printer at cost. It was suggested to me a couple of years ago by a local poet that the way to go at first is to print up a whole bunch of poetry and staple it together and get myself out there. That was the inspiration for the two books. Looking back, I think that was pretty sage advice.

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Photo © Marc Mannheimer

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