Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feature: Marc Mannheimer Day 1

Please welcome this week's feature, Marc Mannheimer. Marc is a Cleveland poet that bumps into Christina and I every once in awhile as we mingle in the local poetry scene. He is another very talented poet we think you will enjoy.

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Marc is a mental health worker with his own issues. His poetry is born out of a need to create and express and be acknowledged. (I mean, really, to be acknowledged. What a load of crap.) He can also be quite harsh with himself.

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open mic nite

muses married
to grains of sound,
shattered shards ,
melodies assembling in sequence.
the green light, and
right red rectangles
climbing up the sound system...
young lions, lionesses,
long tresses, unkempt, curly,
darting in and out of faces,
red light,
bright song,
siren call
they sing the sirens,
but this night
for ships
to come in
to safety.

© Marc Mannheimer


  1. Projects a soulful ambiance. I feel I'm in the audience. Poets with no fraudulence. Pouring life with rawulence.

  2. Yippee! one of my favorite people/ poets is here this week.
    I'm going to really enjoy this weeks feature
    I consider Marc a kindred spirit because of the perspective he presents in his poetry. He often weaves in a spiritual theme but is not afraid to dive out of the box either. Like in this piece... so yippee!

    Welcome to Mnemosyne Marc.