Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

2010 In Discesa
Photographer: Francesco Marino

Happy New Year!

We would like to thank everyone who featured on *Mnemosyne* this past year for sharing their creative passion with us. It has been a delightful year full of excellent music, poetry, short stories, and artwork! It has been fun getting to know each feature through their interview questions as well. And thanks to all our readers who help make our blog successful by leaving thoughtful and friendly comments throughout each feature.

The coming year will bring some new changes our way. Look for reviews (book reviews, site reviews etc...) provided by our co-editor Christina Brooks. There will be a slight format change in the near future as well. We look forward to sharing a new year of artistic vision and creative personalities with you. We wish you comfort, love, happiness, security, and prosperity in 2010 and beyond!

2009 Features

Carlton Smith
Charles C Brooks III
Cheryl and Janet Snell
Christina M Brooks/Rune Warrior
Dianne Borsenik
Donna Gagnon
Douglas C Pugh
Ernest Williamson III
Jim Benz
John Burroughs
Heather Ann Schmidt
Lisa Vicious
Michael Henson
Mike Finley
Nabina Das
S. Thomas Summers
Stephan Anstey
Tikuli Dogra
Tim Buck

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