Sunday, December 6, 2009

Feature: Charles C Brooks III Day 1

We welcome another talented poet to our family. We think you will enjoy Charles's offerings this week!


Charles Clifford Brooks III has been published in The Dead Mule, Eclectica, Gloom Cupboard, Cerebration, Underground Voices, Alba, Deep South, Zygote in My Coffee, Prick of the Spindle, Conversations, Unlikely 2.0, Scythe, and The Cartier Street Review. He's currently Poetry Editor for Literary Magic Magazine. His poetry has been featured on the Joe Milford Poetry Show. Charles Clifford believes every artist should join the Guerilla Poetics Project. His first book of poetry, Whirling Metaphysics, will be published by Leaf Garden Press.

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on the edge of new life, the rain, starfish,
a lucky pair touching fingers,
there is this bullshit silence.
worrying the fates would intercede with cruelty,
she barely speaks.
i do not wear it well.

on our fringes there’s no mystery.
this undeniable force was fought
and failed,
we’re breaking two hearts to be happy,
scheming our way together.

the battle is that pretty face
twisted by tears and abandonment.
herculean grief stomps hard,
zeus’ appetites shove harder, half divine,
this is a blood curse.

a road from washington
has stolen her closeness to me.
the door is flung open
with nothing outside but rain.

the smaller vices, the nights glittering
with words that made her feel beautiful,
are outcasts
between an accountant and shady gentleman.
sex is on the verge,
or passing into death.

© Charles C Brooks III

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