Friday, November 27, 2009

Feature: Tikuli Dogra Day 6

The Mob

She watched the mob with vacant eyes

Tied for last five hours to the tree

Blood tricked down in a steady flow

On her tear streaked cheeks

The tattered remains of

What were her clothes

Hardly covered her broken frame

The evening sky resembled

The color of her bleeding soul

She glanced sadly at her teenage son

And the husband she had so loved

They had headed the mob

The hysterical crowd was getting impatient

"Kill the bitch"" teach her a lesson"

Someone yelled

More shouts, abuses, accusations,

Contempt burned her soul

With shame and fear

A flash of blinding pain

Shot through her head

A sharp rock hit her forehead

She winched and shuddered

But drank all the pain

Hurt and sorrow

The blood oozed from the gash

And flowed on the pile of rocks

And stones near her feet

The mob began to become a blur

Her body ached and so did her heart

The breath came slowly

And soon her eyes closed

Relieving her of all the miseries

Of being a woman

The police like mute spectators

Watched the "mob justice"

Rooted to the ground

Her crime, supposed infidelity

Her silence, the sign of guilt

Her punishment, to be stoned till death

© Tikuli Dogra (Published on Associated Content)

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Q: How has poetry changed your life?

A: Writing poetry is therapeutic for me. I mostly write for my own pleasure and it is very recently that I have started to learn the technical aspect of poetry writing. It has opened new doors for me as a reader and as a writer. Poetry writing helps me connect with myself. It has brought tremendous change in me as a person and I consciously respond to this change as it unfolds. Writing poems brought me into contact with new friends, poets, writers and it has helped me to learn to think rationally and more deeply about the world and my own experiences. I have become more confident and willing to graduate from pleasure writing to actually writing for a wider readership. It has also helped me explore new dimensions of writing, to allow myself the pleasure to soar beyond the limitations of mind.

Q: What advice would you give beginning poets/writers?

A: Be open and receptive to criticism, advice, suggestions and learning is all I would like to say.

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  1. so awful -- but you captured it perfectly. does this still go on?

  2. Yes Marc, unfortunately in many countries of middle east and in India also at many places women are stonned for adultery, witch craft and such other things.

  3. Wow.. very powerful... this is a sad practice.. I'm glad that you write about women's issues Tikuli... it has an impact.

    Chris Brooks