Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Feature: Tikuli Dogra Day 4

(Krishna with Radha, 18th Century)

**** **** **** ****

Keshava has returned
And the sky is brimming
With pure elixir of life

The thick monsoon clouds
Make my heart dance with delight
Lightning and then the thunder

A welcoming sign
For the swollen heart
To merge into my lord

The rain descends
Seeping into my very being
The cool breeze brings forth
The intoxicating fragrance of
The living pulsating earth
Fills me with you
O Krishna
we thrive in the passionate embrace

Of you and the life itself

The month of "shravan" is here
Pregnant with love's sweet whispers
I have waited long
O dark limbed lover
To sing my songs and
Dance to the divine tune of
Your flute

My liquid eyes tremble with joy
The full berry lips await yours
Your fragrance drifts as I dance
In trance of your eternal love
O nimble footed Krishna

Your sensuous beauty
And our love
Spins me around with desire
And sends blood rushing
Through my veins
Yearning for your joyful touch

We draw into each other's arms
Passion fills the universe
As I behold the face of my
Divine lover

© Tikuli Dogra (published on Associated Content)

(Keshava is one of the 108 names of Krishna and it means the one with matted dark locks. Shravan is the monsoon season. An auspicious month)

**** **** **** ****


Q: What is your writing process? Do you write every day?

A: There is no such rigid writing process. I do write every day. It is an integral part of my daily routine but I am not bound to it.

Q: Where do you write? Is Ambiance Important?

A: Ambiance does matter at times but I write where ever I get my inspiration.

Q: Do you have rituals or habits when you write?

A: None. I write freely, unchained by any habit or ritual.

Q: How do you think your writing impacts the lives of others?

A: I have just began to find my footing as far as writing is concerned so I don't know if I have made any impact by my poems or other works but there have been times my readers have appreciated a couple of my poems and prose.


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  2. Congrats usual...good work.

    have been busy with clinic nd so dont spend much time on serious reading..nd so have missed out ur writings...will keep up2date now :)

    somewhere in ur writings i identify with myself...there was a time i used 2 write,but now words nd xpressions seem to have deserted me

    ..keep up with the gr8 works...
    lotsa luv

  3. Lovely dear Tiku


  4. Thank you to all my readers. please do stop by and read other poems too. Thank you Jen