Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feature: John Burroughs Day 1

It is our pleasure to bring to you this week, John "Jesus Crisis" Burroughs. John has an impressive poetry library and publication going on at his website, Crisis Chronicles, where you can find poetry and video of local poets as well as work from poetry legends of the past. Take a peek at his blog to see what is going on in his life and check out the new chapbooks being published by Crisis Chronicles Press.

John is also one half of the duo emcee team for Lix and Kix. Having participated in my very first Open Mic session at the very first Lix and Kix Poetry Extravaganza, I have been a tried and true fan of John and his cohort/partner emcee, Dianne Borsenik. They make a great team and run a great show. Stop in to see a show, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the energy of the audience, the quality of the features they choose and the fun atmosphere they provide for everyone involved.

John's interview questions this week are provided by our very own co-editor, Christina Brooks. And today's poem, is my favorite of John's so I could not resist sharing with you today. Enjoy!


**** **** **** ****

Karma Souptra

Tin can karma
In a cemetery green sedan
Driving into the past
Through the future
Running round and round
And over and over
The illusory track of time

Like a bomb
That never goes off
Like a song that rings
In Campbell's soup cans
Round and round the rims
Not going out or in
Just sticking to the circuit
Like a one ring soup can
Gerbil wheel circus

Till the tin finally erodes
The illusion of time caves in
And full circle cemetery green
Karma darts to the next can
In the aisle of now.

© John "Jesus Crisis" Burroughs (first published by the tao, how, and what now of Jesus Crisis, Cleveland Poetics' NEO Poets Field Guide and John's Chapbook 6/9)

**** **** **** ****


Photo of John Burroughs by Jen Pezzo

John Burroughs, aka Jesus Crisis, is a Buddho-Taoist pacifist, poet, playwright, composer, and seeker in Elyria, Ohio. His works have appeared in dozens of print and online publications, ten of his musical stageplays were commissioned by the State of Ohio to be performed by prisoners as community service, and his poetry chapbooks include Bloggerel, Identity Crises and 6/9. Founder of the Crisis Chronicles Press and Online Library, John co-hosts the Lix and Kix Poetry Extravaganza at 7 p.m. every 3rd Tuesday at Lakewood's Bela Dubby Art Gallery and Beer Cafe, and is currently writing a book about his 11 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Find him at


  1. This is one of my favorite poems of John's. I'm glad we are kicking off his week on Mnemosyne with it..


    Chris Brooks

  2. Thank you for the lovely pimpage, Jen. We are truly honored to have you as our friend and fan, and look forward to your debut feature reading in November!

    I, too, am thrilled to see John's "Karma Souptra" as the first poem of the week. It has always been one of my very favorites of his, and I can't wait to see how the week progresses!
    I look forward to those interview questions, too. Big congrats to John, and big kudos to you, Jen, for producing such a consistantly fascinating and exciting website!

  3. It is MY pleasure! ;) I've been a fan of Mnemosyne since its inception, and I'm thrilled to now be part of the family.

  4. This is a terrific poem and a terrific way to start my day!

  5. John: The honor is all ours!

    Dianne: Anytime girlfriend. :-) I'm looking forward to featuring! Thanks much for your support. I means a lot.

    Thanks Heather!

  6. I am raeding this blogger again because of YOU John Burroughs the only Jesus Crisis and I love poetry and I love Chris and Jen <3 <3 <3