Thursday, August 20, 2009

Feature: Jim Benz Day 5

Falling Down

pull yourself together, breathe

got twisted in a lung fit, coughing
spit up bone-songs, all stripped down
all feedback snarl and knuckle skin
choking on a dream nozzle shiver, spit-grin juice

grated, lesion-mated spastic anti-fortune juice
rasped a halo-skin against
a rusty sieve juice
knees, minor blood shot keys and snake-eyes

drumbeat fingers, amplified, bone-dead
slung a jaw
a crack-skull jaw, moon floor shake
under people’s skin, dancing

shadow grit and ruin-eyes
blood soot
longing for a midnight blur, caustic
smelly liquor-rat brick alley-eyes

wore a grin, a weird stink-tooth craggy
crumble grin, wasted goat-word bleating shit-
stain grin, swilling gin
slurred a head-butt word, convulsive, swaggering

resinous word
and falling grin, yellow curdled hell
guffaw-scat grin, sticky brown cursing
flail juice as you stumble grin

falling on your ass-grin
sprawling on the broken bottle stickum tile
slop puddle tilt
shoe-slurp grin, breathe

pull yourself together

© Jim Benz [Note: previously published in Sein und Werden]


  1. Oh.. a tough but satisfying read...

  2. I would love to hear this one out loud. :-)

  3. Damn...that ain't no stream-of-consciousness. That's a torrent. Somebody throw me a lifeline. I'm tumbling toward the drunken waterfall!