Sunday, August 23, 2009

Call for Art Submissions

We are taking a break from our features this week to get ahead on our postings and readings of submissions. For now, please take the time to visit any features you may have missed.

We are looking forward to presenting to you our next week's feature, the lovely Nabina Das.

Thanks for reading!

--- Jen

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Call for Submissions

We are especially looking for art submissions (photos, paintings, digital art, collage art etc...) at this time, but are still open to other forms of submissions. If you would like to be a featured artist or would like to have your artwork accompany another feature's work, please follow the submission guidelines below.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

1. There are no preferences on subject or style as long as the submissions are well crafted, tasteful, and original.

2. Poems can be short or long, but not freakishly long.

3. We will also accept short fiction pieces, short non-fiction pieces, creative memoirs and prose – short is the key here unless you want to do one long piece in 5 installments.

4. Photos and/or works of art will also be considered separately or in addition to written submissions - otherwise we will be using our own or free stuff we find on the web. (.jpgs only please.)

5. Previously published pieces will be considered, as long as we know who to give first publication recognition to.

6. Please include a short bio (a photo of yourself is optional, but preferred) and be prepared to answer a few questions that will be included during your week long (technically 6 day) feature.

7. We will choose 5 poems/works of art/photos/short fiction etc... or a mixture thereof to feature per person; one submission posted per day for 5 days. The 6th day will either be your bio, a set of interview questions, or one whole day to promote your book, website, organization, venue etc...

8. Please send your submissions in the body of an email to kerowynrose @ gmail . com for consideration.

All texts/photos etc... are the sole property of their respective authors and any permission to copy them, reproduce in any part or in whole should be obtained from the authors.

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