Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feature: Stephan Anstey Day 4

crashing on Parker's hill

My thumb twisted when I crashed my sled
into a large white pine
in the middle of Parker's hill.

The tendon snapped and I could feel it slide back
under my flesh like an earth worm
into a juicy pile of manure.

The pain was bearable
as I bore it screaming and crying
like a boy who lost his Grampa.

Grampa was kind, and did not laugh,
perhaps he was too busy watching
my thumb, no longer opposed by gravity
as it flopped back (and forth.)

I thought of that yesterday,
when I put a rose on grampa's grave
and thought It quaint - I really thought that was pain.

digital art & poetry © Stephan Anstey

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Interview Question:

When did you start featuring at poetry readings and reading at open mics?


My grandfather died on Dec. 1, 2002 - and I gave his eulogy on a couple of days later. That was the event that got me past my fear of public speaking. After that, I joined the Lowell Poetry Network, and started reading to small groups - the first night I went I met Dave Robinson, Kate Hanson, Patrick Pierce, & Ed Marshal - all of whom have been friends whose poetry and influence on my art I have come to treasure deeply. The first time I featured was last fall - after going to dozens of open mics and seldom reading the same work twice. My next feature will be this September in Boston - should be a fun gig. 15 minutes at Boston City Hall.


  1. I love where you take the reader with this poem and that last line is killer. Congratulations on being featured. Great work Stephan.

  2. This brings back childhood memories for me...

    But of my grandma's barn and playing and sliding down a the hay loft... and an accident I had with a rusty nail that stuck out...

    The important part is I survived it.. but with the scares on my behind to prove it...

    I think recounting memories are important... because in doing that a shared humanity comes out. There is a lot of inspiration and comfort in that.