Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feature: Dianne Borsenik Day 1

all the snow
they shoveled yesterday

melting in the rain

Haiku and Photo © Dianne Borsenik

I met Dianne Borsenik last October at the very first Lix and Kix at the 806 Martini Bar in Tremont, Ohio. She and her co-host (John "Jesus Crisis" Burroughs) were the feature performers that night. I had become friends with John and Dianne on facebook not too long before the show and I was very eager and curious to meet them both in person.

When I saw Dianne, she greeted me with the most friendly and welcoming hug I've ever received. I knew then that she was a kindred spirit and this thought was confirmed once I heard her poetry. She was vivacious, lovely and extremely inspiring.

And... not only was this the very first Lix and Kix event ever... this was also my first attempt, gently encouraged by my good friends Brigitte and Vertigo, at reading during an open mic.

Since then, both John and Dianne have been extremely encouraging of my writing and open mic performing. I am a very lucky girl indeed to have such talented friends in my life and to be able to present to you an accomplished poet that I admire very much.

Thank you, Dianne, for sharing your work with us this week. Welcome to *Mnemosyne*!



Dianne Borsenik: former flowerchild, current redhead and Ohioan (born and bred) lives in a temple of happiness with her husband James. She believes in karma, music, and the films of Quentin Tarantino.

Among her interests and obsessions are going places she's never been, good coffee and good tea, Cracker Jacks and candy cigarettes, vampires and bats, and working in the rich, moist earth with flowers and herbs.

Active in the Cleveland poetry scene, she is co-founder and co-host of the Lix and Kix poetry series. Her poems, haiku and lyrics have appeared in a number of publications, including the following: Slipstream, Ship of Fools, Nerve Cowboy, The Magnetic Poetry Book of Poetry, Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac, Naturally magazine, The City Poetry, Voices of Cleveland, Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle, Admit2, numerous The Poet's Haven podcasts, and the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.

Her chapbook HardDrive/SoftWear was published in 2009 by Crisis Chronicles Press. Actor Jonathan Frid, who played "Barnabas" on Dark Shadows, used three of her poems on tour in his program "Genesis of Evil".

For further information, you can visit:


  1. Gosh .. a lot of things here I didn't know about Dianne. I'm looking forward to following the posts thru the week..

    Love this week-long format Jen.

    ~~ Chris Brooks

  2. Awesome! Yay, Jen! And yay, Dianne! It's an honor and joy to know both of you.

  3. Wow, thank you, Jen, for the lovely introduction. You have a beautiful poetic voice yourself, and I am proud to have participated in "breaking your cherry" at that first open mic! I very much appreciate this opportunity to participate in the wonderful Mnemosyne-- you have initiated a marvelous concept here, and I am excited to see what interview questions you send me! Again, thank you.

    And thank you, Chris, and John, for your support and interest. The honor, Mr. Crisis, is mine.

  4. YAY :D ladY D is fave persona poese (shh) SOK dont let it go to head nice poem too

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone and as Dianne said, the honor is ours John!

  6. Did you miss the Haiku at the beginning of the post Mike? :-)