Saturday, July 11, 2009

Feature: Christina Brooks Day 6

Christina's thoughts on Rune Tao Press:

Rune Tao Press is the small publishing press I started with the intent of publishing poetry and short stories in either an e-zine or chapbook format that brings together both Eastern and Western spiritual, philosophic and/or mythological themes.

I have found when looking to have poetry published, most publishers are not interested in spiritually-focused material. It’s not that all the content in the zine would be slanted in that direction but the themes would be open to exploring alternate worldviews be they religious, metaphysical or philosophic.

That is why I refer to it as an alternative press. That concept is reflected in the press name Rune Tao Press. I want the pieces included to freely explore alternate ways of thinking, seeing and experiencing the world.

I initially want to do a chapbook that explores Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Not that that topic fits with the theme of the press but because it is a topic of importance to me since my husband suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. The proceeds of that particular chapbook when it is released will go to support the Alzheimer’s Association. It was the Alzheimer’s chapbook that spurred me to want to found a small press so it could be published but I wanted a press that reflected my interests and long term goal not just limited to the theme of the one chapbook.

Due to my Press profile being deleted by Facebook last week I need to create a new Press profile. Once I have that up and running I will post submission guidelines and get things re-started.


Thank you so much for being our "Inaugural Poet" Christina! Your poetry is vivid, introspective and spiritual. It has been a pleasure to feature you. We will definitely let our readers know when/where they find Rune Tao Press and begin submitting work. Cleveland is very lucky to have you travel from Michigan to attend our open mic events. Looking forward to hearing and reading much more of your work.

I have also been extremely happy with the turnout of submissions and followers and would like to say thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. Our first week has been a tremendous success thanks to you!

Be sure to stop back Monday morning for next week's feature Dianne Borsenik. Dianne is active in the Cleveland poetry scene and the co-host of Lix and Kix. Actor Jonathan Frid, who played "Barnabas" on Dark Shadows, used three of her poems on tour in his program "Genesis of Evil". (That is like sooo cool!)

Her poetry ranges from delightful word play to awesome acrostics and sexual innuendos. You do not want to miss our next feature... stop in and leave lots of comments for North East Ohio's very own red headed flower child!

Photo collage by Jen Pezzo/Kerowyn Rose


  1. Thank you, MNEMOSYNE, for highlighting Christina's works, which I enjoyed reading. Looking forward to the next poets and others.

  2. good thoughts on RUNE who just hopes they bring the profiles back on facebook

  3. Thanks for the week of Christina Brooks' work. I especially like the juxtaposition and interplay of poetry and art in "self reflection" and Christina’s originality (images like "fireflies. . .joyfully dancing their lightening waltz / backlit by the light of the Milky Way" for example).

    On an unrelated note, I know editors are sometimes reluctant to include their own work but, personally, I'd really like to see a week of Jen Pezzo/Kerowyn Rose pieces here at some point.

    Rock & roll & write on,


  4. Thanks for the thoughtful comment on Christina's work, Jim.

    I never thought of displaying my own work here, but thanks for thinking of me! I will put a link to where you can find my poetry on the net over on the right hand side sometime tonight.